Sensory Processing Assessment

We all have a sensory profile, a way in which we uniquely experience the world through our senses. Each person’s is unique to them. Our genetics, life experiences, personality and life stage all factor in to how our brain and nervous system respond to the constant flow of information that comes to us, via our senses.


When difficulties arise in how we process this information, it can sometimes begin to look like anxious, avoidant or emotionally reactive behaviours. This can then begin to affect our quality of life and relationships. We may begin to opt out of important activities, our performance in work or study may be affected, or we find ourselves flipping out over things that don't seem to bother other people. 


While the Safe and Sound Protocol is recommended as a starting point for nervous system regulation, for individuals requiring additional support, a Sensory Processing Assessment may be beneficial to enhance understanding and provide practical recommendations such as activity or environmental modification. While a Sensory Processing Assessment does not result in diagnoses, for those with a pre-existing diagnosis, or those wondering about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), support in this way is often recruited to enable successful engagement in daily occupations such as school or work.


Understanding our own sensory profile can bring clarity and understanding to our unique sensory preferences and sensitivities, which in turn can inform how to modify what you do, the environments you are in, and build strategies to get the most out of life.

Benefits of a Sensory Processing Assessment


Gain greater self-awareness and insight.

Empower yourself with knowledge that can be communicated to family, school, employers or loved ones.

Receive practical, tailored recommendations for your unique situation whether in relation to coping day to day, enhancing performance in work or study, completing tasks, or bringing more calm to your intimate relationships.



Cost: $600

What’s included:

1. Two x 1 hour zoom sessions:

Interview and sensory questionnaire (Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile®)

Feedback session

2. Written summary with recommendations


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