About Me





Feeling out of control, tangled up and not sure how you got there? I’ve been there too, and I remember the impact of therapy being like a lightbulb turning on for me.
Hi, I'm Emma Jackson- a registered Occupational Therapist, who has specialised in youth mental health over my ten-year career. I am passionate about empowering, coaching, supporting and equipping young people and their families, so they can get back to doing the things that are important to them.


My approach




My approach is compassionate, collaborative,

evidence-based and client-centred. Specifically,

I have formal training in Cognitive Behavioural

Therapy, however, draw from a range of modalities

including Interactive Drawing Therapy, Sensory

Modulation, and Acceptance and Commitment

Therapy, among others. Ultimately, sessions are

tailored to what is right for you.


My aim is to work in partnership with you to

identify barriers, supports and opportunities, in

order for you to become equipped and empowered

with tools and strategies to manage your own

mental health.


I am based out of Otautahi Christchurch, however am able to offer support remotely, via zoom. 


I can help with




  • Worry & anxiety
  • Managing stress
  • Emotions that feel hard to manage
  • Self-harm
  • Low mood/depression
  • Challenges with body image/weight/eating
  • Difficult life changes
  • Improving communication in the family
  • Setting goals or building healthy routines
  • Sensory overload/exploring sensory sensitivities and needs
  • Navigating loss and grief
  • Challenges in friendships/making friends
  • Difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries
  • Support with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) related difficulties

Why Occupational Therapy for mental health?



“Occupational Therapy is where science, creativity, and compassion collide.” Jessica Kensky


Occupational Therapists have a broad and holistic toolkit for approaching mental health.

We start with the questions

'What do you want to do?' and

'What matters to you?'


Our approach is practical, skills-based, and wherever possible,


What others have said




"We couldn’t have hoped for more with your counselling style, and approach with the questions. You were immediately getting a better response than say our GP or us"

- Parent




"I'm definitely in a better place now and feel equipped to know how to deal with challenges as they come. I found myself looking forward to our sessions each week- just having a space to talk and be heard was so valuable to me."

-Past client





I took small amounts away from what you offered and found bits of gold in everything you did. Even if this wasn’t obvious to anyone from the outside, the help all went into slowly filling up my reserve. I think more than anything, your presence- “being with”- was the most valuable of anything and what I needed at that point.

-Past client